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December 22, 2015

All Japan High School Global Symposium

All Japan High School Symposium will be held in February.

In this symposium, presentation and poster contest will be held.

We hope you will join the conference.

For further information, please visit the specialized website for the symposium.


September 25, 2015

2nd year students showed their presentations to the teachers in Kagoshima University.

The students in the "UK Project" are working hard on their research project as one of the learning in "SGH" project. Today, eight Kagoshima University teachers were invited to give some suggestions to their research after their presentation in English.

Students are now devided into four groups according to their research interest; Food, Environment, Business, and Sight-seeing. In 50 years, Japan surely faces serious problems that would be caused by population change in these fields.

There were a lot of students who made good progress in their research. Some students carried out fieldwork on their own during summer vacation. So, some of the suggestions given by university teachers seemed "academic" to some extent. 

Go for it, students in the "UK" group!






July 10, 2015

Research Presentation

We welcomed three honorable teachers from Kagoshima University, Onjo sensei, Mun'de sensei and Hasegawa sensei, and one teacher from Glocal Academy, Mr. Okamoto, who recently came back from Oxford Univ.


Students prepared really a lot for the presenation. Everybody explained the current problems and possible solutions for them in English. They also asked questions and the speaker answered them. 


Hope you enjoy the slides of this lesson! (Click the link below, please.) 

See 150710w-ki.mp4  (BGM: TAM Music Factory "Akogare Iro")

July 05, 2015

UK Project

In our SGH programme, about 15 representatives of students in 2nd year will go on UK Study Tour in March. The Japanese name for this programme is "MANABI NI UK", which means that they visit UK to study a lot about population change and its effects on our society, including migration and its influence. The representatives are to visit Mill Hill High School and Oxford/Cambridge to make presentations and exchange ideas with students learning there.

In this category, their activities will be introduced.

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