S2. School Information (English)


1. Location:

23-1 Uenosono-cho, Kagoshima City 890-0052 JAPAN

2. Principal:

Mr. Nobunari Kaieda

3. School Structure:

   A. Course of Study: Full-time General Curriculum

   B. Number of Classes: 24 (Each year has 8 classes)

   C. Staff: 70

   D. Enrollment: 952 ( 503 boys & 449 girls )

4. History:

Konan High School’s history dates back 108 years.  Konan used to be known as the Second Kagoshima Junior High School, a prefectural boys’ school founded in 1906 ( the 39th year of the Meiji Period).  In 1910 ( the 43rd year of the Meiji Period ), the Kagoshima Girls’ High School, a prefectural girls’ school was founded.  The two schools were joined and renamed Konan High School in 1949 ( the 24th year of the Showa Period ).

The new school was established on the site of the former prefectural boys’ school.

The dome of the main school building has been the school’s symbol since the days of the boys’ school.

Konan High School is highly-regarded and sends many students to prestigious colleges and universities throughout the country.

5. School Spirit:

Konan High School’s school mottos are: “Be strong, bright, and honest,” and “Be noble, elegant, and healthy.”

Konan graduates have been prominent in various fields such as politics, business, the press, fine arts, and academia.  Before World War II, quite a few great military officers came from the school.

The students are earnest both in their studies and in extracurricular activities.  Every year about 70% of the students pass the entrance examinations for national or other public universities.

6. Main Education Facilities:

A. School Library:

The library has a collection of about 30,000 books including some published over 200 years ago.  The library’s “open system” allows the students to have free and easy access to any of the books.

B. School Monument:

A school monument was built in honor of the teachers and students who have passed away, including those who lost their lives in World War II.

C. Niko Kinen Kan:

Designed, built and funded by Konan alumni, this two-story building was constructed in honor of Konan High School’s 100th Anniversary.  The first floor of the building is a spacious room with a stage often used to hold grade meetings.  The second floor provides dormitory facilities for club activities.  The facilities include two separate tatami rooms for boys and girls, each accommodating up to 40 students, and providing bathing amenities.  Included between the tatami rooms is the “Memory Room,” a space housing artwork produced by Konan graduates and teachers as well as memorabilia from Konan’s illustrious history.  A sculpture, created by Mr. Michihisa Take graces the front of the building.

D. Other Facilities:

Other facilities include a state-of-the-art gymnasium with a swimming pool and a kendo & judo hall, a Japanese archery range, tennis courts, an audio-visual room, a computer room, a school supplies store, and a cafeteria.

( As of April 15, 2014)