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September 21, 2016

The third day in Taiwan

Today students visited so many fascilities, but in some areas, it was prohibited to take photos. Thus, explanations are only available in some reports today. Thank you.

In the morning, students went to the office of the President, ROC. Assistant Professor Hagiwara from Takasaki University of Commerce and Mr. Lie were kind enough to be with us.  We greatly appreciated it.

Students had to show their passports at the entrance gate, and they had security checks like they do in the airport in order to enter the office.

There, we met Mr. Ma. He politely explained about the office in fluent Japanese.  Thanks to his explanation, students understood the office was constructed in the same way as Tokyo Station. He also explained the history of Taiwan, as well as the relationships between Taiwan and Japan.



Group photoes in the buiiding (We also took a picture with new prime minister Cai Yingwen …sorry, of course not! ;))


The ROC building from the outside of the office. It looked just like Tokyo Station!

After the ROC visit, students were supposed to visit Taipei 228 Memorial Museum, however the office was so crowded with so many visitors than we had expected that we couldn’t get out of the ROC office on schedule.

So, students just watched the museum from the outside.


Taipei 228 Memorial Museum

After the quick look at the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum, students went to Legislative Yuan, which was like the Japanese Diet. Mr. Gi took our group to the inside of the building. 


In front of the assembly hall

After that, the students went inside, and listened to the assembly.

Although it was prohibited to take pictures, we saw the portrait of the Chinese revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen and the national flag of Taiwan.

Thanks to Mr. Gi, we had lunch in Legislative Yuan.


lunch in Legislative Yuan

Students had an excellent opportunity of meeting the secretary general of the Legislative Yuan and the chair of the Legislative Yuan.

They suddenly became Japanese high school student representatives. They also received a special souvenir.


Dsc_0325Leading teachers and the secretary general of the Legislative Yuan


Ms. Kume, the student leader, the secretary general of the Legislative Yuan and Mr. Gi



With the chair of the Legislative Yuan

After lunch, students also received the chance to talk with a councilor, Ms. Chin, at the Diet Members' office Building.



Next, students went to National Alpine Association of Taiwan. Mr. You and Mr. Gi of Taiwan Nation Allowance passionately lectured them about the relationship between Taiwan and Japan and how it should be from now on.




Scenes of lecture, active questions and asnwers and the group photo

Students were originally expected to go to Yangmingshan, but they couldn’t make it, due to time constrants. Instead, they enjoyed their dinner time longer than planned.


Dinner time

Tomorrow, students will move to Yilan from Taipei. They will have great exchanges with students in Lanyang Girls High School.