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September 24, 2016

The sixth day in Taiwan

Unfortunately, it was rainy today, too.  We checked out the hotel in Yilan and moved to Taipei where we had stayed for the first three days.  Before we went to National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), we stopped by the hotel we would stay tonight to drop our big luggage.



We were welcomed by Professor Kuo, who had given us big support when we had the exchange program with students in Lanyang Girls High School.



Today, students introduced Konan High School and Kagoshima to university students in Mr. Kuo’s tourism class.

As soon as we got to his class, he gave us such a nice opening ceremony.


Opening Ceremony

The leader of this group, Ms. Kume made a speech and told them how much we thanked them for hosting us.  It was such a nice and impressive speech that we were all proud of her.


Ms. Kume's opening address

Before our presentation, we listened to Mr. Kuo’s lecture with students at NTNU.  The lecture he gave us was about how to build the image of tourism destinations. 



At the lecture by Professor Kuo

Next, finally our turn!  Students seemed to have practiced a lot last night.  All three groups had really good introduction presentations.  The practice really paid off!!







Presentations by Konan High School students

Students at NTNU listened to the introduction about Konan High School and our living city, Kagoshima. They seemed to be interested in our school and the city.


In their presentation, one of Konan student groups gave some quiz.  When listeners got the right answer, they received wonderful gifts!


Receiving some gifts!

After their introduction, university students showed one of their research projects, eco-tourisms to Konan High School students.



Ms. Ota, one of their leading teachers, represented the group and stated the best gratitude for Mr. Kuo and his students.


Students presentations were longer than they had planned, so the class couldn’t finish on time. We were so sorry about that.


Mr. Ochi, Professor Kuo and Ms. Ota

After they ate lunch, they had B&S program, which stands for "boys and sisters program". College or university students in Taipei voluntarily took Konan students to the places where they would carry out fieldwork.


Before leaving NTNU for B&S program, students took so many pictures with the college students.  Students looked so relaxed without any worries since they finished presentations!!




B&S program finally started.

Usually their bus took them to every visiting place, but today, students had to go to the restaurant for dinner by themselves. Leading teachers were a little bit worried about their safe arrival at dinner tables on time, however, they all made it before time.




Saying good-bye to the volunteer students!!! We all appreciated their kindness! 謝謝!

Students had Mongolian BBQ for dinner. It was their first time to have this kind of BBQ. Mr. Ka, our guide, explained how meat and vegetables were to be cooked in Mongolian way.


Explanation by Mr. Ka

On our way to hotel from the restaurant using MRT, the subway, students gave a brief visit to the streets of "Night Market" in Taipei. 


Students were safely guided by Mr. Ka, Mr. Hagiwara and the leading teachers in the market.

Tomorrow, students will carry out their fieldwork for all day long.  It will be the very important activity to solve the aging problem of Japanese society. One of the solutions could be more active sight-seeing. Students should remember the topic; “What can we do to welcome more tourists from Taiwan.”

Our trip is coming to an end.  Hope students will have quality time until the last day in Taiwan.