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September 25, 2016

The last day in Taiwan

All the students gathered at 5:00 am to take the plane to Kagoshima. They looked very sleepy, but no one was late.

They checked out the hotel and had breakfast in the bus.


In the bus


The bus driver, Mr. Go. He's been our driver since the first day. Thank you!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was very crowded. No one knows why it was so crowded.


It took a while but they checked in at the airport. Students said good-bye to our guide, Mr. Ka. They really appreciated his great support during this study tour. Thank you, Mr. Ka!

Dsc_1029Mr. Ka and students


At the airport

You need only two hours from Taipei to Kagoshima. Students seemed to have experienced all the tour again in their dreams. Soon, the airplane got to Kagoshima airport. 

They passed immigration and customs. At the exit, their parents and teachers welcomed them. 


Parents and teachers at Kagoshima Airport

Closing ceremony was briefly held and Ms. Maesako, the vice student leader, made a speech. She showed her gratitude to parents, teachers and alumni who had supported them for the tour.


Ms. Maesako's speech 


Welcome to "Japan" speech by the principal


The last groups photo

The study tour successfully ended with the help from many people. The leading teachers are thinking that the main purpose of the tour has been achieved. 

Next, students summarise the things they have learned in Taiwan and present their ideas in every opportunity they will have. The study tour has finished but this is also the another "start" for them.

Thank you for reading.  謝謝!!