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September 22, 2016

The Fourth day in Taiwan

After checking out of River View Hotel in Taipei, students moved to Yilan.


The bus ride

On the way to Yilan, Mr. Hagihara and Mr. Kuo, a professor in National Taiwan Normal University, joined us. Professor Kuo worked so hard to realize our exchange program with students in Lanyang Girls High School.

It took about an hour to get to Lanyang Girls High School.  As soon as we arrived at the school, we got a warm reception.





Pictures taken at Lanyang Girls High School

At the welcome ceremony, the principal, the PTA chairperson and the people in the alumni association in Lanyang Girls High School gave us a word of welcome.


After that, students in Lanyang Girls High School introduced their school to us.


Next, students in Konan High School introduced Konan High School and our living place, Kagoshima in return for their introduction.



Later, students listened to the introduction of Yilan city presented by the students majoring English and Chinese. They spoke very good English!  They kindly provided students sweets made in Yilan.



After eating lunch together, students went to P.E. class. It was like a dancing class, and there they enjoy dancing with students in Lanyang.



Next we had a chance to see the percussion performance, and in return, students performed "Ohara-Bushi" in Yukata, which was the traditional dance in Kagoshima.



The day for exchange program passed so quickly.

Thanks to both teachers and students in Lanyang Girls High School, students had a wonderful exchange experience that they would never ever forget.



By the way, boys were very popular among girls in Langyang!


Students were really reluctant to leave.  謝謝!!!!!


After leaving Lanyang Girls High School, students visited the world famous whisky factory, KAVALAN.  Of course, students only saw how whisky was made.  They promised each other that they would visit there again and drink a glass of whiskey when they are over 20.


After that, they had dinner and stayed at the hotel in Yilan.  At dinner table, they had a local Yilan dishes, which were milder than ones in Taipei.

In the hotel, each room had one really big bathtub.  So students enjoyed soaking in a hot spring in their own room.  Fantastic!!  Their tiredness would be completely washed out.

Please look forward to the next report!  再見♪