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September 22, 2015

Welcome back, the first "Taiwan Project" members!

At 11:00 today, 15 students who visited Taiwan as a SGH project and Mr. Horikiri, the teacher who went to Taiwan with them came back safe and sound.

They met their parents at the Kagoshima airport. Mr. Komaki and Ms. Kodama, who were the representatives of the members made a short speech to everyone; "We studied a lot in Taiwan. We really thank every single person who has enthusiastically supported us; the school alumni, our teachers and last but not the least, our parents. We'd like to visit Taiwan again. We will make more efforts, so please keep on supporting us." 

We relieved, seeing the students coming out of the door after finishing their entry formalities. They seemed to grow up. They seemed to gain skills and knowledge, such as cooperation skills. They will surely play an active role at school after this. 

We, teachers in Konan, also really appreciate all the supports from various people such as people in the school almuni.  Thank you very much.