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September 21, 2015

Taiwan Visit 6

The sixth day's (September 20th) report has arrived!


Leaving Hengchun Eco-Farm

We started eating breakfast at 7am and left the eco farm at eight. We moved to Tainan City and it took about two and half hours.
We were planning to watch a movie "Kano" that was produced in Tainan. "Kano" depicts high school students in Chiayi city, which we were visiting. However, we had region code problem with the DVD, so we couldn't play it on the bus. It's a shame since the dvd was delivered by Mr. Nakamura, the JTB staff!
I guessed students would be tired, but they were still so energetic. They enjoyed singing, talking on the bus.

Tainan City Visit

We first visited Taipei Confucius Temple. We felt the long history. Everything is very old. Surprisingly or not, we found a shaved ice stand! We ate shaved ice with a lot of cut mangos. The girls seemed very happy. We had Dan zai noodles, which was one of the popular foods in Taiwan, then walked to Chihkan Tower, which was built by a Dutch. They also enshrined Zheng Chenggong. After this Tainan tour, we headed for Wusanto Reservoir.



Wusanto Reservoir

On the way there, students took a nap. After the arrival, we first visited Hatta Yoichi Memorial Museum. We watched a video about Chianan Irrigation. We studied what Mr. Hatta did in Taiwan again. 

After browsing various documents and others, we actually visited the Dam. We saw the statue of Mr. Hatta and were moved. The dam was so big. As the proverb goes, "Seeing is believing." Students were excited. Please take a look at the pictures.




Arriving at a hotel in Tainan City

We moved back to Tainan city again and arrived at a hotel near the station. We had dinner. We enjoyed Sichuan cuisine. It was so spicy that everybody almost screamed in pain.
Students are so different now. They eat a lot and don't hesitate to talk to local people. They became out going. Two boys didn't stop eating until the last minute. They must have had 4 cups of rice, at least.

Well, that's all for today. I'd like to relax. Tomorrow will be the last day that we can enjoy this tour.


Our principal's comment:They will come back soon. Tomorrow, they will arrive at Kagoshima Airport. I hope I can update this report before they come back.

As always, you can enjoy the slideshow of 24 pictures taken in Taiwan. (Music "Atorie karano Nagame" by TAM Music Factory)

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