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September 20, 2015

Taiwan Visit 5

The fifth report from Taiwan on Sep 19th arrives!


Good bye to host families

The students stayed with their host families in the morning. I met with them at noon at boys and girls schools. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to say goodbye. "You can call us Father and Mother in Taiwan," that was the words from some of the families. 謝謝.



Ecofarm Visit

We headed for Ecofarm with 16 Taiwanese people, including students and two geography teachers and a teacher who spoke Japanese from Pingtung high school and three university students and Mr. Sato from National Pingtung University. We had the surprise lecture about the geography and history in the bus! That's the reason why we named this study tour "Learn in Taiwan!"
It took about two hours to go to Hengchun Eco-Farm. We strained something in the water. What was it?


The guide explained about the plants in the farm in English. We enjoyed chatting and relaxed. We walked around the farm.


The last study tour schedule for today was opinion exchange. Students talked about their future career, dreams, or the country they will be 20 years later. I asked them to think why high school students should try to solve problems such as depopulation. Taiwanese high school students had very good opinions as well as university students. It was very stimulating for Konan students. (I led this workshop, so there is no picture about this workshop. Sorry.)


At last, we enjoyed the BBQ! We talked a lot, and eat a lot. There was no difference between the way of BBQ in Japan and that in Taiwan, but the foods were not the same! For example, we served fried bread instead of noodles!


During the BBQ, I exchanged some information about schools in Taiwan and Japan with teachers in Taiwan. We found some similarities, but the most different point was that teachers do not change schools in Taiwan! Students enjoyed talking, singing, and dancing, but the time of leaving came. Konan students walked to the main gate with Taiwanese students to see them off. They were very friendly until the last minute.



We went down to the nearby stream to see fireflies. The guide led the way for us and other guests. She spoke Japanese so I calculated her age. Oh, I thought too much.

Small troubles are always inevitable in foreign countries, but all the students are well. Weather is nice, too. I'd like to make this trip fruitful until the last day. Tomorrow we will head to north by bus in the morning. In the afternoon, we are going to visit Tainan City and Wushantou Dam designed by Yoichi Hatta, a Japanese.

Today's comment: We cooked something today, but when will we eat them?

Please enjoy the slideshow of 25 pictures. (Music "Itsu no Hika" by TAM Music Factory)

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