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September 19, 2015

Taiwan Visit 4

Taiwan Report 4 from Horikiri Sensei arrives!


The time passes really fast today too!


Students gathered at Pingtung Zhong Shan Park which located in front of Pingtung Girls' High School. They were full of energy! They were all excited and talked about the homestay. We walked along the park to visit the boys' school, which was the first high school we planned to go today. On our way, we browsed the morning market a bit.


Pingtung National Boys' High School Visit

It is widely known that schools in Taiwan always welcome us. It was true! Lots and lots of students were at the main gate and waiting for us! Later, they explained that actually all the students were at the gate. The principal also welcomed us. We were overwhelmed with joy! Boys were so energetic!


In the welcome ceremony, two groups had a chance to show their presentation. They did better than yesterday. As a teacher, I was very happy. Students worked really hard to make themselves understood. After the ceremony, they experienced leather craft with Taiwanese students. During the work, Konan students talked with them, using Kanji, the Chinese characters, which was what we really intended to. We had lunch there. The leaving time came too soon.


Pingtung National Girls' High School Visit

The students in the girls' school warmly welcomed us here too! They performed strings and showed cheerleading. We enjoyed their performance. Another two groups showed their presentations in the girls' school. I guess it was difficult for the first year students to make a good presentation which listeners could understand clearly, but they definitely did their best. Good Konan students! In the girls' school, they participated in lessons. Students were really happy to go to classrooms and welcomed everywhere. Maybe it might be the first time for boys to be welcomed by such a great number of girls! I was stimulated by the teachers in Taiwan had already introduced "Active Learning," in which students engage in lessons actively, and that all the English lessons were taught in English.


End of the day

The last lesson was Japanese class. After that, they met their host brother or sister and went home. Today is the last day of the homestay. I'm looking forward to hearing their "stories."

Today's comment

Surprisingly, there were some girls in the boys' school while there were some boys were enrolled in the girls' school. They studied arts, such as music or paintings. There were also four exchange students in the boys' school and they went to the girls' school together. The fourth day ended successfully thanks to the teachers and students of the both schools. We really appreciate it. They must have been very busy preparing for our visit. My students should feel the same way. Tomorrow, we are going to visit Hengchun Eco-Farm. Students will exchange their opinions with Taiwanese students. I hope they will have a good time.

The best comment of today: Nothing is better than milk tea with tapioca after work! (By Ooki and Hikari)

Me? I enjoyed the night market.


Our principal's comment:

You must have been very nervous to show your presentations, but you did well in these two days. Taiwan Study Tour members, I'm proud of you. Go for it!!

Today we received more pictures than yesterday.You can enjoy the slideshow of the 26 pictures. (Music "Akogare-Iro" by TAM Music Factory") Download (Please click here.)