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September 18, 2015

Taiwan Visit 3

A new report has arrived from Mr. Horikiri!

Preparation for the presentation

We had breadfast at 7:00. We enjoyed sandwich with tea. Students stayed up late last night to prepare for the presentation, so some of them seemed very sleepy. We started rehearsal from 9am at one room in the hotel. After that, we left the hotel at 11am.



Today we had Chinese cuisine! It was so delicious. Everybody enjoyed the lunch, but unfortunately we couldn't clear up all the dishes. At the restaurant, we had some surprise! We met teachers of the girls' school we planned to visit tomorrow. We were a little bit embarrassed!



National Pingtung University

Students and teachers in the university welcomed us warmly. There were about 50 students. We prepared presentation in English, but teachers asked us if it's possible to make some of the presentations in Japanese, so we changed our plan a little bit. Konan students were a little bit nervous since almost of all the things they had there were the first experience for them. They ended presentations successfully, but they also regretted as, "We could have made them better." "It could have been better." Everybody said they would like to try again tomorrow. Very good students.
After that, university students showed us some presentations, and Sato sensei gave us a lecture. We enjoyed the stay there.



Ikegami Library

We went to Ikegami Library with 15 students of Pingtung University, which was called "Heito" university by local people. It took about 30 minutes. This library was built 15 years ago by the local people, in memory of Dr. Ikegami, who remarkably contributed to the medical services of Taiwan. We again had hearty welcome there and talked with them. Mr. Ryu, from the facility, requested us to sing us the school song. We proudly sung our school song. Mr. Ryu also praised students' attitude and manners.


Meeting Hostfamily 

Students met their host families at Pingtung Girls' School. Girls were a little bit nervous or excited at the beginning, but soon they became friendly. I was happy. After that we moved to Boys' School and boys met their host families. Boys were not so excited nor nervous. Boys are boys, wherever they are.



Today's comment

Thanks to the tremendous supports from a lot of people, our study trip again went well today as scheduled. I am really grateful. Students must have a good time talking to their host families now. They are very positive, enthusiastic, and cheerful. Tomorrow we will meet at a park at 7:20. I'm sure I will see their happy faces next morning. 

Me? I enjoyed dinner with our kind guide at stands which are very popular in Taiwan. 

Editor's note: pictures can be downloaded from here, including all the pictures shown above.  Download 150917_taiwan.mp4. (Music "Sanpo-michi" by TAM Music Factory)