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September 17, 2015

Taiwan Visit 2

A new report on Sep. 16th from Horikiri Sensei arrived!

"We arrived at hotel at 8:30 pm in Taiwan time. We had an earthquake but almost of all the students were fast asleep, so they didn't notice it.

Next morning, we had a kind of "full breakfast" and left the hotel, heading to a robot factory. It was rainy again, but today we were planning to move by bus or train, so it's not so bad. 


Shayye Robot Factory

We visited a company, which originally produced reduction drive. Now the factory is producing robots for entertaining. Students enjoyed its demonstration. Some of them actually manipulated some of the robots.




They had Shabu-shabu, one of the most popular Japanese foods. We didn't know why, but it tasted a little bit better than that of Japan, and of course, everybody ate too much. Oh, no!

Hsinchu Science Park

We visited the area Hsinchu, the area known as the center of IT. In this area, businesses and academia are jointed and it is also supported by the Taiwanese government. Here, staffs in the park explained about industries of the area, using movies. Students were surprised the scale of the park or the strong support of the government to the city. They never stopped taking notes. They again learned a lot.

Taiwanese Shinkansen Ride

Everybody had big bags. The train was, of course, same as  that of Japan. It was really comfortable.


Arrival in Takao

We changed from a train to a bus. We visited Lotus Pond, 蓮池潭. We relaxed there. We had fun browsing around fruits shops and drawing fortune papers.




Next, we had Hakka cuisine as a dinner. Students ate so much that the tour guide was surprised. She bought some Tapioka Milk tea. They always eat, laugh, sleep a lot here in Taiwan. I think this is the most important thing when you visit a foreign country.

Tomorrow's Schedule

They are going to make presentations in Pingtung University. They will hhomestay. They practiced Chinese in the train or bus. I was impressed. From now on, I am going to help students preparing for presentations at the lobby of the hotel. They will prepare for it until noon at this hotel.