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July 04, 2015

This website introduces activities or events of SGH programme of Konan High School, Kagoshima, Japan. 

The aim of SGH programme is provided at http://www.sghc.jp/en/ as below: 

The Super Global High School Program aims to foster global leaders who will play an active role in the world through education at high schools and other institutions that contributes to that mission. Students are equipped with an awareness and deep knowledge of social issues, communication and problem-solving skills, and other globally competitive skills.

High schools and other institutions certified as Super Global High School define their ideal global leader profile. They conduct multidisciplinary, comprehensive and exploratory studies on global social and business issues, in collaboration with domestic and international universities that promote globalization as well as companies and international organizations.

This program requires high school students to conduct fieldwork on a research theme inside and outside the country as part of learning activities, in order to broaden their views and pursue their goals. 

The main goal of Konan High School SGH programme is to foster 21 century Satsuma Students, who would play a vital role in the coming new era as Satsuma Students. However, who are Satsuma students? Here is the brief explantion (it is taken from the website of Embassy of Japan, UK );

Some 150 years ago, nineteen young men and boys secretly visited UK to investiage British advanced technologies. After the secret voyage, they played significant roles at the times of the Meiji Restoration.

For further information about Satsuma Students, please refer to this website

For further explanation about our SGH programme, please refer to the following pages(they are now under construction, sorry.):

1. W-KI 

2. W-KI for 1st year students

3. W-KI for 2nd year students

4. W-KI for 3rd year students

5. Taiwan Project

6. UK Project

7. Advanced English